Value of 2017 Hungarian Forint today

Ft100 in 2017

Ft112.26 today

The inflation rate in Hungary between 2017 and today has been 12.26%, which translates into a total increase of Ft12.26. This means that 100 forints in 2017 are equivalent to 112.26 forints in 2021. In other words, the purchasing power of Ft100 in 2017 equals Ft112.26 today. The average annual inflation rate has been 2.34%.

Inflation timeline in Hungary (2017-2022)

The following chart depicts the equivalence of Ft100 throughout the years due to inflation and CPI changes. All values are equivalent in terms of purchasing power, which means that for each year the same goods or services could be bought with the indicated amount of money.

All calculations are performed in the local currency (HUF) and using 6 decimal digits. Results show only up to 2 decimal digits to favour readability. Inflation data is provided by governments and international institutions on a monthly basis. Today's values were obtained by estimating figures from recent trends.

The following table contains relevant indicators:

Indicator Value
Total Inflation (2017-2021) 12.12%
Total Inflation* 12.26%
Annual inflation avg. (2017-2021) 2.9%
Annual inflation avg.* 2.34%
CPI 2017 101.41
CPI 2021 113.69
CPI today* 113.84
Ft1 in 2017 Ft1.12 in 2021

* Values extrapolated from the last official data to obtain today's values.

How to calculate today's value of money after inflation?

There are several ways to calculate the time value of money. Depending on the data available, results can be obtained by using the compound interest formula or the Consumer Price Index (CPI) formula.

Using the compound interest formula

Given that money changes with time as a result of an inflation rate that acts as a compound interest, the following formula can be used: FV = PV (1 + i)n, where:

  • FV: Future Value
  • PV: Present Value
  • i: Interest rate (inflation)
  • n: Number of times the interest is compounded (i.e. # of years)

In this case, the future value represents the final amount obtained after applying the inflation rate to our initial value. In other words, it indicates how much are Ft100 worth today. There are 4 years between 2017 and 2021 and the average inflation rate has been 2.3403%. Therefore, we can resolve the formula like this:

FV = PV (1 + i)n = Ft100 * (1 + 0.02)4 = Ft112.12

Using the CPI formula

When the CPI for both start and end years is known, the following formula can be used:

Final value = Initial value *
CPI final/CPI initial

In this case, the CPI in 2017 was 101.41 and the CPI today is 113.84. Therefore,

Final value = Initial value *
CPI final/CPI initial
= Ft100 *
= Ft112.12

Hungary inflation - Conversion table

Initial Value Equivalent value
Ft1 forint in 2017 Ft1.12 forints today
Ft5 forints in 2017 Ft5.61 forints today
Ft10 forints in 2017 Ft11.23 forints today
Ft50 forints in 2017 Ft56.13 forints today
Ft100 forints in 2017 Ft112.26 forints today
Ft500 forints in 2017 Ft561.31 forints today
Ft1,000 forints in 2017 Ft1,122.62 forints today
Ft5,000 forints in 2017 Ft5,613.1 forints today
Ft10,000 forints in 2017 Ft11,226.2 forints today
Ft50,000 forints in 2017 Ft56,130.99 forints today
Ft100,000 forints in 2017 Ft112,261.99 forints today
Ft500,000 forints in 2017 Ft561,309.94 forints today
Ft1,000,000 forints in 2017 Ft1,122,619.88 forints today

Value of Forint over time (by year)

Period Value
2017 100
2018 102.19
2019 104.96
2020 109.12
2021 112.12
Today 112.26